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Combat-do offers multiple children’s classes for a fully developed and well-rounded martial artist.  The core and base principles are expressed through the following classes.  Children’s classes start at the age 3 and go up to 12 (unless the child is advanced or much larger than the other children).  Once they are of age, or are tapped to move up, they can begin attending the adult classes. The Combat-Do Tiny Tots and Children’s programs build a foundation of skill and mental toughness during the crucial early years of child development.

Of course, we acknowledge that child athletes must not be pushed as hard as adults. At the halfway point of children’s and tots’ classes, the students get a water break for ten minutes. During this time they receive a lecture on the philosophical and moral side of the martial arts. These discussions cover a variety of topics, but only one per class. Some subjects discussed include anti-bullying, ethics, street safety, situational awareness, leadership traits, and principles. These lectures are crucial to the development of any young martial artist and we believe strongly that they are valuable for any child.


    Children’s stand up classes are primarily based on the fundamentals of kickboxing.  There is a heavy focus on technique and being able to perform the basic moves correctly.  At a young age, the most import thing to instill in the children is the proper form, technique, and knowledge of the very basic moves.  The finesse, speed, and other attributes that make a good fighter come in the more advanced classes for older kids.  But, a good base of solid fundamentals is important for any advanced level fighter to have, and is also crucial in reducing injuries as the competition levels increase.

    Two things to know about our Children’s Stand Up Classes…

    1.  We believe in sparring.  Towards the end of each class, and under the close supervision of Master Bob and the rest of our expert staff, we allow the students to spar.  Children are encouraged to buy their own sparring gear (we provide for those who do not have their own) so that they can participate in sparring sessions.  This allows the kids to apply what they have learned in a more realistic fight environment.  And we believe heavily that children should be able to learn to throw a punch/kick but also be able to take them as well.  Your child may cry the first time they get hit during sparring, but this is a natural part of progress.  They will soon realize that they did not die and that they prefer to give and not receive.  Both crucial pieces of knowledge for anyone considering the idea of advancing as a martial artist.  Please allow the coaches/instructors to handle any situations where your child is crying.  If the instructor cannot address the situation (VERY RARE), they will bring them to the parent for assistance.
    2. If you child is advancing beyond the pace of the other children but is still too small for the adult classes, the instructor will provide your child (as well as any others) with more advanced level techniques.  Often times, there will be groups created by size and skill level so that the more advanced level practitioners can work on things that are more in line with their level of knowledge.  We want your children to grow as a martial artist, and would never hold them back in any way.  If you feel that your child is going over some of the same things repeatedly, please trust in your instructor and their knowledge of what is best for your child’s development in this sport.  As stated above, a strong base is fundamental, and sometimes requires repetition of the basics to the point of exhaustion in order to achieve muscle memory.  If you have any concerns, please address the office or instructor at the end of the class.


    Children’s grappling classes are primarily made up of a mix of wrestling, jiu jitsu, and judo.  Why do we teach “Grappling” as opposed to jiu jitsu?  Because grappling is all inclusive in training ground fighting.  We spend time teaching the rules of all three sports individually but also mix techniques from all during our lessons.  This mix is what creates champions and has been a formula for success for decades in the Combat-do Fighting System.  Combat-do has created endless amounts of champions across all three sports at the highest levels for children of all ages.  Each of these disciplines compliments the others extremely well, and when the children enter a competition, they have a significant advantage over other schools that may simply focus on one discipline. Again, we believe in sparring and regularly have the children “go live” in order to see if they can apply the newly learned moves while their opponent is trying to stop them (and/or trying to apply them themselves).  As stated above, sometimes children cry while sparring.  Please do allow the instructor the time to handle the situation and if they are unable, they will ask for your assistance.

    Utilizing the same core formula as the adult classes, this is certainly no daycare. Youth students will learn legitimate Combat-Do grappling every session, typically a throw or takedown to a position to a submission.

    Childrens Class Training


    The Combat-Do system of stand up striking is a potent mix of techniques from Muay Thai (low kick) and Western Kickboxing (high kick), also a good solid boxing program Teaching you as a student the required drill that it takes in stand-up to make your attacks a result of reflex action instead of thought.

    Click here for a video of one of our classes!

    At Combat-Do we believe that there are no shortcuts – true mastery is the result of hard work applied over time in an intelligent direction. That’s why our two-hour classes are some of the longest in the industry. The first hour consists of our trademark strength and conditioning routines followed by detailed technique instruction and thorough drilling. The second hour is live sparring – a chance to practice techniques against live opposition and receive feedback and fine-tuning from our expert coaching staff.


    Judo, Wrestling, and Jiu-Jitsu form the cornerstone of the Combat-Do system of grappling. Master Bob Schirmer has spent more than 52 years on the mats learning how to synthesize these different arts into a unified system. For the student, this means that they will learn how to go from takedown to position to submission with unrivaled fluidity. Like the standup class, Combat-Do grappling classes are a full two hours. Because of the very technical nature of grappling the conditioning, instruction and drilling take a full hour and fifteen minutes. The last 30- 45minutes are reserved for sparring.


    Current MMA amateur records stands at 59-4 in the last two and a half years.

    Combat-Do has been a destination for professional and amateur mixed martial arts fighters almost since the beginning of the sport, but that doesn’t mean our classes aren’t for everybody. Here at Combat-Do, we believe that anyone with the desire and dedication can learn the nation’s fastest growing sport and compete at their appropriate level of experience. Because of our emphasis on technique over brute strength, anyone from a youth or beginner all the way to a professional fighter looking to take his/her game to the next level will benefit greatly from Master Bob’s instruction.


    Master Bob Schirmer is one of the most decorated martial arts instructors in the entire world, with a wealth of knowledge rarely surpassed.  If you are looking to gain valuable knowledge to aid you in your career, take your fight game to the next level, or simply just to improve your health while learning from one of the best… there is no better option.

    Private lessons are available from grappling Hall of Famer, Master Bob Schirmer. Individual one-hour sessions can be purchased for $85.00, or ten for $650.00. Small group lessons can also be arranged at various rates. Please contact us for more info.

    If you want to learn Jiu Jitsu there’s no one more knowledgeable than Master Bob Schirmer. I have known Master Bob for over ten years and he IS the Guru of Grappling, a True Master.  It’s been my Fortune and my Honor to have trained with him. But don’t take my word for it, go down to Combat Do and take a lesson, you won’t regret it!  – Anonymous