For Head Instructor Master Bob Schirmer Teaching the Combat-Do system of fighting has been a life long passion. Master Bob has dedicated his life to developing this system of Mixed Martial Arts.The system of Combat-Do has been so successful in Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Boxing Muay Thai, Pankration and in MMA. competitions worldwide for over twenty years. His scientific approach has earned him many accolades as a dynamic and successful coach taking the USA Team around the World as Head Coach in Kickboxing, Low Kick, and MMA.

Mr. Jose "Shorty" Torres has been a leader on the Combat-Do Team for 7 years. He has consistently set examples his other teammates by both his accomplishments in the ring, but also his work ethic on the practice mats. He is one of the first to volunteer to stay late and work on a move a fellow teammate might be having a problem with.

Mr.Rene Bahena has been a kickboxing instructor for many years at Combat-Do he holds the WAKO National Kickboxing Title as well as local kickboxing titles.Mr. Bahena is a hard working man raising a family, running a very demanding business, yet he never misses the opportunity to get in sparring rounds and Jiu-Jitsu almost every day. He has helped many Combat-Do fighters with their growth in kickboxing.

Mr.Romero Cazares a Combat-Do MMA fighter he held the title as the house champion at Tropicana from 1998-2001 for over two years at times fighting up to three fights in one night every Tuesday for over two and half years, he remained undefeated. His vast amount of fighting experience brings knowledge of how physics work in real life fighting situations. No weight class No time limit. He was a true No holds barred Champion!

Mr.Ernie Garcia has been studying under the Combat-Do system for over ten years he holds a Black belt. Ernie has two wonderful daughters that both have trained in Combat-Do giving them the confidence to excel in life. Ernie is a dedicated Jiu-Jitsu and Judo instructor normally after a two-hour class he would stay late in the Dojo and roll with students looking to get better by rolling with a Black Belt. He has competed in many Jiu-Jitsu tournaments and has gained a great amount of experience from competition and from referring countless matches.

Mr.Carlos Hernandez Sr. senior wearing blue jeans is not only the proud father of four young men that are all Champion fighters but a top kickboxing and low kick instructor. Carlos has the distinction of being a black belt in Combat-Do he is a National Kickboxing Champion and a great coach. His instruction and attention to detail have helped the Combat-Do Team win countless Kickboxing matches, low kick matches, boxing matches, and MMA. His sons reflect their father's talent good natured and a loyal, trustworthy, and always ready to lend a hand to make you a great fighter.

Mr.Jose Marquez is very instrumental, as beginning the warmups for the adult class in MMA, and Jiu-Jitsu he has a strong desire to learn the techniques of the Combat-Do and learns quickly passing the knowledge on to students who may fall a little behind a very good assistant instructor.