Princeton Dojo

This 3000 sq. ‘ Facility is located in the heart of Princeton’s Down Town area.

Get in shape using are fitness equipment. Spar in our two boxing rings, Grapple in are large wrestling, Judo ,Jiu-Jitsu matted area. Throw one another on our soft Swain crash pads. You can also strike our many heavy bags with your powerful kicks or powerful punches.


 Head Instructor Master Bob Schirmer Teaching the Combat-Do system of fighting has been a life long passion. Master Bob has dedicated his life to developing this system of Mixed Martial Arts. The science based system of Combat-Do has been successful in Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Boxing Muay Thai, Pankration and in MMA. Combat-Do has been greatly successful In competitions worldwide for over twenty five years. His scientific approach has earned him many accolades as a dynamic and successful coach taking the USA Team around the World as Head Coach in Kickboxing, Low Kick, and MMA since the 1990’s

Strategy-Tactics and Philosophy

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